L’invisibilità non è un superpotere

In November 2018 I started collaborating with Fondazione Pangea in the Reama project, a network of empowerment and self-help, a network of people working in various ways to combat gender-based violence and female empowerment. Simona Lanzoni, vice president of Pangea, told me that I absolutely had to meet Dr. Maria Grazia Vantadori, an active part of the network and a surgeon in the emergency room of San Carlo Hospital in


Would you like a cup of tea, claustrophobia and far away so close are small and different parts of  a big project named FOREIGNERS.In a globalised world, are we all foreigners, at home or abroad or even in our own skins?In today’s world being a ‘foreigner’ or a migrant isn’t just something about an old paperboard suitcase or a white handkerchief waving in the wind.The foreigner can be linked to

Calendario Coldiretti 2011

“As an organization we thought it would be useful to create a calendar for the new year to celebrate some of the agricultural excellence of our territory. At a time of great revival of wine and food production in Ciociaria, it is important to continue to raise awareness among citizens and consumers of the importance of the origin of the products that arrive on our tables every day. In the


Untitled is a stage of the project “The energy of a territory, Master Plan for the strategic enhancement of the Sacco Valley”. presented in Frosinone on November 10, 2010 and commissioned by Alessandro Kambo Foundation. Born from the photographic surveys that were carried out in support of the project by architect Andreas Kipar (Studio LAND – Milan), the project has become a path between people, identity and landscape, a system

Amazons – Amazzoni

The project was born after seeing a famous photo of Helmut Newton, portraying a woman in a very sensual pose, sitting in a restaurant with naked breasts and out of her shirt. We are used to seeing breasts as an erotic part of women but in reality it can be connected to problems and not always felt as a trophy. The project therefore revolves around uncoated but “ordinary” women’s stories.

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