FEMALE LIBERTIES OUGHTA RISE The issue of mutilation is periodically re-proposed in several awareness-raising campaigns in support of the protection of human rights and with reference to the condition of women in the South of the world. A reading that remains exclusively “medicalized”, does not represent a sufficient contribution to overcome these practices. Flor aims to be a different work from this point of view, much closer to the subject

Frozen Moments

In this section there are shots, untied among them, taken with the camera or the phone trying to freeze the moment In questa sezione ci sono scatti, slegati tra loro, fatti con la fotocamera o con il telefono tentando di congelare l’attimo.


GODS Choreographic Residence – Bologna July/ August 2019The approach to this work comes from a strong personal appeal through the world of rock and the occupation with the identity of young people.The symbolism that lies behind the world of Rockstar has always fascinated Martina La Ragione, because she finds this whole universe extremely close to the work of a dancer, a choreographer, a performer in general.After a meticulous research on rock music, from its beginnings to

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