GODS Choreographic Residence – Bologna July/ August 2019The approach to this work comes from a strong personal appeal through the world of rock and the occupation with the identity of young people.The symbolism that lies behind the world of Rockstar has always fascinated Martina La Ragione, because she finds this whole universe extremely close to the work of a dancer, a choreographer, a performer in general.After a meticulous research on rock music, from its beginnings to

L’invisibilità non è un superpotere

In November 2018 I started collaborating with Fondazione Pangea in the Reama project, a network of empowerment and self-help, a network of people working in various ways to combat gender-based violence and female empowerment. Simona Lanzoni, vice president of Pangea, told me that I absolutely had to meet Dr. Maria Grazia Vantadori, an active part of the network and a surgeon in the emergency room of San Carlo Hospital in

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