The Waiting

‘The Waiting’ is a story about a hypothetical runaway and his gloomy and bleak separation from the world. The man’s crime is unspecified, his background, even his name, is kept from us. All we know is that he’s hiding out in a rented flat in an unfamiliar suburb of Buenos Aires, that he never goes out and that the name he gives his landlord, is the name of his avenger,

Would you like a cup Of tea?

In Italy many people think that the English have tea just at 5 pm. Actually, tea is part and parcel of English life and it means relaxing, feet up and a good chat.The more interesting question is: why do the English never finish their tea?Cups of cold tea everywhere: toilet, kitchen, bedroom, living-room. Maybe it’s just finding comfort in something psychological that is associated with the thing rather than the

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